Conky Displays

I have used Conky for many years. I like Conky.

Conky is a good app. Conky is a horrible bugger to configure (I haven’t tried conky-manager), especially with nested conditions. Conky has a high cool factor. Despite the usefulness, Conky is not something non technical users want to learn.

Nor do they care.

Conky is geek poop to non technical users. Non technical users do not care and do not understand load factors, CPU frequencies, temperatures, or usage. They are frightened by fancy dials and indicators filled with information that is meaningless to such users.

There is a usability reason why most automobiles do not come with a full array of sensor indicators and gauges.

So why create a distro with a default Conky using similar display parameters?

The usual Conky geek displays are not enticing to non technical users. They appeal, once again, only to geeks. Monkeys playing with their own poop.

When I install Linux for non technical people I limit the Conky display to a few basic parameters, such as disk partition information and public IP address.

That is all. No geek bling.

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