MATE Run Command

Overall I like the MATE desktop environment, which I use most of the time. While the desktop supports a Launcher dialog through the traditional Alt+F2 Linux keyboard shortcut, there is no Run option in the menu.

Some Linux desktop environments have a Run menu option. MATE does not.

While the Alt+F2 shortcut is both traditional and well-known in Linux desktops, non technical users are heavily mouse-centric. To these users the Alt+F2 keyboard shortcut is not discoverable. In their view they are left without a Run menu option.

A MATE panel applet exists to place a Run launcher button in the panel, but this is clunky. Because of their Windows background, non technical users expect to find a Run option in the menu. They are unlikely to discover this applet.

While the panel applet is a nominal victory, that option consumes space in the panel. Users expect consistency when they move from Windows to Linux. At least with certain features.

Since some Linux desktops already support a Run menu option, there is no reason not to add this simple feature to the MATE menu.

Another MATE quirk is there is no keyboard shortcut for opening a terminal from within the Caja file manager. A menu option but no shortcut.

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