Maximizing Screen Real Estate

Linux developers seem obsessed with the idea of “maximizing screen real estate.”

A possibility for this obsession is designing “convergence” desktops for mobile devices and laptops.

Another suspect likely has to do with developers using monitors as big as a television and then never testing with a small monitor.

Another suspect is they just like everything small and tiny.

Okay, presume there is some standing for maximizing screen real estate. They remain challenging to use.

For example, consider that in many distros the default panel is so thin that many people with eyesight challenges need to squint or move their face closer to the monitor to see the details.

Likewise with scroll bar widgets. They are so skinny that people with dexterity challenges can barely use the widgets.

Developers seldom sit with non technical users for usability studies. If they did they would immediately notice the problems non technical users have with the typical Linux desktop.

Please developers, something needs to be done about this obsession.

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