A Keystone Kops Day

Some days ago a song line made popular in 1961 by The Shirelles rang true for me. “Momma said there be days like this.” In my case meeting a boy did not cause my heart to flutter. Rather, computers caused a series of disruptions. In hindsight, humorously, much like a Keystone Kops scene.

I was going to upgrade a server from Proxmox 5 to Proxmox 6. Part of that routine was to use the opportunity to perform a “clean and inspect” of the chassis interior.

After performing the clean and inspect I had not noticed the KVM USB keyboard connector had loosened. That took me some moments to discover.

Next was a network interface error during the boot. Puzzled for another few moments until I remembered several months previous I had configured a second interface for testing. Currently there was no actual Ethernet cable connected and that caused the boot spew error.

Next I connected a company laptop to the same subnet. None of the Function keys worked correctly. Somebody had used the laptop and had either changed the BIOS configuration or more likely had disconnected the battery that caused the BIOS to reset to defaults.

Before upgrading I wanted to test the system for possible hardware compatibility issues. I could not boot with a Live ISO and had to find the solution.

A good 45 minutes later I finally commenced with upgrading the server. That actually went well.

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