Boot Splashes

A boot splash is an odd feature. While the boot splash seems to work without hitch in Windows, through the years I have noticed that this is rarely the case with Linux based systems. Just about every single distro contains some kind of boot splash glitch.

A common glitch is seen when transitioning from the boot splash to the login manager. The graphical interface is interrupted and for a moment the user sees the console stdout.

The same or similar glitch is seen when logging out to return to the login manager.

My guess is there is something flawed with the Linux kernel and the Plymouth boot splash engine that causes these glitches.

On a related note, curious to me is why some distros, such as CentOS, are designed to use a boot splash. CentOS is primarily a server distro, targeting tech savvy users. Why would such users need a boot splash? Why hide the familiar stdout of the boot sequence?

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