Five Myths

Yet Another Linux Fluff Piece.

The author claims 5 myths about Linux based systems.

Myth 1: Linux is very difficult to use.

This depends upon how a Linux based system is presented to most users. Most computer users are not technically savvy. If users have to install a Linux based system then usage is difficult. If users are expected to use a terminal then usage is difficult. If users do not have access to specialty or vertical software then usage is difficult.

Myth 2: You need to know commands to use Linux.

While a full GUI point-and-click desktop is possible with most Linux distros, this is hardly the case. Almost all online tutorials are based on using a terminal. Visit any forum and notice that new users are told to open a terminal. Even the author admits needing to use a terminal

almost no requirement to use the command line

Myth 3: Linux does not have enough applications.

The critical point is not the quantity of available packages, but the quality. Often free software lacks polish. Vertical software needs leave many potential users cold. The author mentions WINE as a work-around, but non technical users will never bother, not to mention that the online WINE database reveals a lot to be desired with a lot of Windows software not running perfectly. A virtual machine is the best way to run Windows software, but non technical users simply ask, “Why bother?”

Myth 4: Linux is not for gamers.

Probably true for die hard gamers. Browse the web and visit any discussion about using Linux distros. Many users admit they use Windows for gaming.

Myth 5: Linux is for servers, not for regular desktop usage.

I use Linux based systems only. For years. I get along just fine but my computer needs are simple. My efforts to help other people have not fared as well. Vertical software needs are a big show stopper. Any usage of a terminal frightens most non technical users. The lack of polish leaves users unsatisfied.

By the way, the web site hosting the fluff piece displays incorrectly because the web site developer presumes using the Bane of the Web. Not to mention useless overlays.

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