Peculiar NoSquint Plus Failure

On or about April 10 11:56 AM, many Firefox NoSquint Plus users discovered the add-on failed to load and function. The time stamp is no mistake. On my office desktop I had loaded Firefox about 10:00. The add-on worked fine. About noon I ran Firefox on my laptop and the add-on failed to load.

About an hour of debugging later I discover the time stamp. When I changed the system time to 11:56 the add-on loaded. Changing to 11:57 and the add-on failed to load.

Visiting the add-on web page revealed may users reporting the obscure problem. Somebody discovered that reverting to version 50.0 (and not 50.2) resolved the problem.

I understand the complexity of computers. I really do. Nonetheless this is classic WTF.

The add-on developer released an update within 24-hours.

The reaction many users posted at the add-on web page stresses a simple observation about web design. Web designers use fonts that are too small for many people to read. This design nonsense needs to stop.

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